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Work Flow

Project Consultation – Involves meeting with the attorney and or case expert to determine the work scope and discuss the most appropriate animation options. During this phase, a project schedule and cost estimate will be submitted to the client.

Pre-Production - Follow the conclusion of the project consultation and acceptance of the cost estimate, C2 Forensic Images will develop a detailed project script. This script is a written storyboard defining the items such as animation camera angles, animation and still lengths, screen titles or captions, and shot labels.

Production – Once the project script is approved, and C2 Forensic Images receives the required technical material from the case expert, our animators will begin production on your animation. The production phase involves these 4 steps: 1. 3d modeling of all objects, people and environments 2. Applying materials and textures to give the 3d models a surface appearance such as metal, plastic, and glass 3. Lighting and effects are added to the scene to control the appearance of shadows and highlights. Cameras can be added to capture a specific point of view and environmental effects such as rain, fog, smoke, fire, etc.. are added here as well. 4. Animation, the final production step, involves applying physics based motion based on the expert witness’ data.

Post-Production – Rendering, or producing images from the 3d model, video editing the animation into a movie, and encoding files for online client review are all steps in post-production. After client review and approval, C2 Forensic Images will deliver a final product via DVD, Blu Ray or any computer media format the client chooses. Additionally, high resolution images of any frame in the animation can be created for large format exhibits in trial.